Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Deal with Dark Circles

Most of the times, the reason we get dark circles is due of lack of sleep — that is if you haven't slept for your regular 7-8 hours at night.

You skin under the eyes will not only get discoloured and dull, but will also look tired. So to prevent dark circles, your beauty sleep is essential.

Wear a sunscreen daily. Also, whenever you are stepping outside your house in the day, don't forget to use your sunglasses and if possible, wear a hat. This way the sun's harsh rays won't pigment the skin under your eyes.

If you are addicted to too much coffee or alcohol, it's time you cut down on these two. These contain stimulants, which can cause dark circles!

Most people think vitamins are only for children and adults. But sometimes, if you have a certain vitamin deficiency, its effects can show on your skin too. If your daily diet is devoid of certain vitamins, then start incorporating more healthy food in your meals or pop a multivitamin supplement.

In some cases, under eye circles are genetic or due to some allergy. You should get tested for this and find out the remedies from your general physician.


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