Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cure Large Facial Pores

                                             Have large facial pores?

Here's how you can maintain that kind of skin.

It is not possible to completely reduce the pore size on the face. However, what you can do is make them look smaller. This, in turn, will also make your skin look better. Even though age and genetics play quite a big role in determining the size of ones facial pores and the quality of the skin, you don't need to indulge in expensive spa treatments to improve the appearance of your skin. Also, large pores are prone to infections. So if you want a clearer skin, here's what you can do to avoid the situation:

Kick that cigarette butt. Yes, cigarette smoking can add to facial pores. It also makes the skin look dull and sallow. If you have particularly large pores, smoking can surely worsen the situation. It is advisable to give up smoking in such situations.

Exposure to direct sunlight is harmful. It breaks down the collagen and also affects the
elasticity of your skin. Over a period of time, the skin starts sagging. This makes the pores prominent and also makes them look larger. Hence, protect your skin by using a good sun block (use one with a higher SPF). Wearing sun block is as important as cleansing your skin.

Large open pores provide easy access to dust and grime. Thus, it is extremely important to clean your face. Do this at least twice a day with the use of a gentle cleanser. Also, exfoliate your skin with gentle products that contain sugar so you can easily get rid of dead skin and dirt.


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