Thursday, July 25, 2013

Drink Coconut Water for Glowing skin

Got dull, lifeless skin? While skin texture is mostly hereditary, there is a lot you can do to improve it.

The effect of diet is seriously underestimated in beauty care. While consumption of fruits and fruit juices is said to be good for the skin, it is best to avoid oily and masala rich foods. While orange juice has been voted the best for skin, not many are aware of the benefits of coconut water when it comes to skin care.

The liquid, considered the purest one after water, hydrates the skin, making it look more youthful and supple. Studies say that the antioxidants and cytokinins present in coconut water have an age defying effect on skin. The nutritious value of the drink has always been acknowledged. If you are feeling weak or have stomach problems, drink coconut water for an energy boost.

An advantage it has over fruit juices is that you can easily have a glass a day since it is almost entirely fat free and sugar free. There are also studies which say that coconut water dabbed on skin has a positive effect. However, there are no studies to prove this.

Well, drink coconut water every day and watch your skin glow!


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