Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beauty tips for perfect eyebrows

If you have light eyebrows, you may need to draw over them or shade them.

For this, you will need to choose the right shade of eyebrow pencil. If you choose a colour that's too dark, your eyebrows will look unnatural and stand out and if you use a shade that's too light, it simply won't help. So choose a colour that will suit your skin tone and features. Ideally, the shade must be two shades lighter that your actual hair colour — this way it will blend and still stand out.

While using an eyebrow pencil on your brows, remember not to colour outside your hairline. Stay within your boundary line. Also, always start with light strokes; if your use harsher strokes, the colour will be dark. If you make your eyebrows too dark, it can clash with the rest of your eye make-up. Never press the pencil too hard on your brows, especially the tip. Keep a light hand.

Keep the pencil down on your eyebrow — avoid using the pencil along the top end of the brow. Since the top arch of your eyebrow is thinner than the rest, keep the pencil as away as possible from this section.


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