Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beauty benefits of walnut oil

High in vitamins and proteins, walnut oil works wonders for your skin.

Apart from eating walnuts, the use of it in the form of oil also helps your
skin. They are known to be rich in fibre, Omega-3, protein and other vital

Fights wrinkles
It is believed that walnut oil has been recommended to fight wrinkles since
at least the 17th century. Though walnut oil is greasy and rich, yet if you
apply it on your skin daily, it helps treat wrinkles and fine lines and
makes your skin look younger!

Cures infections
Walnut oil is known to be a remedy to treat fungal infections. Athlete's
foot and Candida are some of the infections which are known to get treated
with the application of walnut oil. Apply the oil topically on the affected
area. You can also mix this oil with other herbal anti-fungals like garlic
to enhance its effectiveness.

Treats psoriasis
Psoriasis is known to be a painful and persistent skin condition that can
be eased with the use of walnut oil. Add this oil to your bath or use it
topically on your skin to treat this condition.

Excellent source of Omega-3
Walnut oil is known to be an excellent plant source of Omega-3. It is also
associated with numerous health benefits which includes protection against
heart disease, some types of cancer and other inflammatory disorders like
eczema etc


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