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Top 10 summer slimming workouts

Longer days and warmer temperatures make summer the perfect time to get in shape. If you slacked off during the cold winter months, the sunshine is a great motivator to go outdoors and increase your activity level.

Mike Jackson - Nutritional Consultant at and Physique Transformation Specialist, shares some amazing slimming workouts. Check it out!

Running or walking

This simple standby requires no fancy equipment. Just running shoes and an open sidewalk are all you need to get fit on your feet. Walking is easy on the joints and can keep your heart pumping.

Calories burned per hour: 100-200

Best place: Jogger's Park, Mumbai


If running or walking seems boring, amp up your workout by strapping on some roller blades.

Rollerblading might feel like coasting along while the wheels do the work. But, maintaining balance and keeping pace require mental focus and physical exertion. Don't forget to wear a helmet and pads for safety!

Calories burned per hour: 375-675

Best Place: Any of the promenades or any empty well maintained road


There's a reason you spent all your time at the pool during your childhood summers: swimming through the cool water subdues the summer heat. And, there's a reason professional/Olympic swimmers have some of the best physiques on the planet: swimming is an intense workout for the entire body. Plus, swimming laps is easy on your joints and relaxing for your mind.

Calories burned per hour: 350-550

Best Place: Pacific Sports Club, Delhi


Biking is a great exercise for toning leg muscles. It also works your heart and cuts down on weight gain. For added intensity, ride in a hilly part of the city or take your bike to a nearby mountain trail.

Calories burned per hour: 500-750

Best Place: Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai

Hiking or rock climbing

Taking a hike with friends and family allows you to get out of the house and see the vistas of nature.

More of an adrenaline junkie?

Try a climbing gym or, even better, some real rocks. Rock climbing builds muscles in the arms, legs, and core, making it exciting and beneficial.

Calories burned per hour: 500-600

Best Place: Harishchandragad, Maharashtra


Whether you prefer the fast-paced beach variety or a less intense group match, volleyball provides a fun, competitive workout. Playing volleyball improves your hand-eye coordination while burning calories. At any given moment you might need to jump, dive, or run to keep the ball in play. And on top of all that, volleyball goes great with other summer recreations like picnicking and family reunions.

Calories burned per hour: 185-285

Best place: Baga Beach, Goa


Speed, precision, strength, and coordination are all essentials in tennis. Furthermore, playing tennis enhances both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, making it a versatile and satisfying workout. Tennis promotes mental alertness as it requires strategy and quick-thinking.

What are you waiting for? Grab your racket and hit the court.

Calories burned per hour: 300-400

Best Place: Banagalore Tennis Academy, Bangalore

Softball or baseball

Perhaps summer's best known pastimes, baseball and its cousin softball are fun ways to get in shape while hanging out with friends. Softball and baseball provide plenty of workout variety because players change position every three outs. Batters need strength to hit the ball out of the park and speed to run the bases. Fielders need coordination and agility to catch, throw, and execute plays.

Calories burned per hour: 375-575

Best Place: Maharashtra Baseball Association

Canoeing or Kayaking

Canoes generally fit two or more riders, and kayaks come in single or double varieties. Perhaps the best part of these water activities is that you choose the intensity. Venture across a smooth lake for an easy-going workout or travel down a whitewater river for a more adventurous trip.

Calories burned per hour: 250-450

Best Place: Rishikesh, Uttarkhand

Extreme water sports

Are you lucky enough to live near an ocean? Then hit the beach with a surfboard or paddle board. Are there lakes nearby? Visit one with a boat and strap on a wakeboard or some water skis.
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Either way, take advantage of these thrilling water sports before the summer heat disappears.

Calories burned per hour: 500-700


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