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Top 10 headache triggers

If you are the type to suffer from any particular kind of headache then you will agree with the fact that the world of headaches is very painful to deal with on a daily basis.

But it's not that simple. There are several kinds of headaches and quite a few culprits behind that achy head. And if you think that by simply popping a pill would ease your pain then you are completely wrong. You must know what is causing the headache in the first place and today we have Dr. K. M. Sunesara - General Physician, Mumbai telling us the top 10 triggers of your headache.

Relaxing weekend
Working tirelessly from Monday to Friday and suddenly having a pleasurable Saturday can make you bang your head on your wall with serious head pain. At times headaches can occur after taking a break from a high-stress environment. The reason for a headache during break is as we relax, the level of tension goes down which decreases the level of stress hormone in our body. This process releases neurotransmitters - nervous system's chemical messengers. This chemical further sends out impulses to blood vessels which make them release pain-causing chemicals due to constant constriction and dilation.

Strong scents
Your partner's favorite perfume or the aggravating paint smell can give you a intense headache. Some people are so sensitive to fragrances that once they smell something uncommon or strong, the odor stimulates the nervous system and causes a serious headache.

Hair accessories
The various hairdos and hairstyles can also be the reason behind your headache. A tight ponytail especially can give you a very bad headache if you are not used to it. A tight hairdo, strains your connective tissues of your scalp which further causes headaches. At times, even uncomfortable caps or hair gels can cause headaches. Hence, keep your hair-free of unnecessary accessories to avoid pains and aches in the head.

Being an angry-bird constantly
Flying off the handle constantly an also give you a very bad head pain. The reason behind is when you are angry, the muscles in your back of your neck and scalp tenses up. These muscles cause a tight-band like sensation around your head ultimately leading to a headache.

Stress is one of the most common causes of headache. Headaches caused due to stress can even lead to migraines. When you are stressed, the muscles around your neck and shoulders tenses up which limits the flow of blood in that area and builds waste products in the tissues which further causes intense pain and dizziness.

Bad sleep
A good night's sleep will help you to stay focused and active during the day. Sleep is also important for the proper functioning of the various brain muscles and tissues. When your normal sleep pattern is disturbed, tiredness may arise due to lack of sleep. This causes contraction in the head and neck muscles and leads to a headache. Insomniac and people with other sleep disorders may be at a high risk with this type of headaches.

Fluctuating hormones
Many women experience serious headaches at the start of their menses. The reason for the headache is fluctuating hormone levels in the body. The headache occurs when the level of estrogen dips down before menstruation, which affects the level of serotonin in your body.

Skipping meals
Your hunger pangs can also make your head hurt. When you skip your meals the level of blood sugar goes down which further affects the blood flow to the brain and causes headaches. Hence, always eat your food at the same time and never skip meals.

Smoking can trigger headache not just to the person holding the cigarette but also to the near the smoke. Smoke contains nicotine which narrows the blood vessels in the brain. The headaches caused due to cigarette are mostly cluster headaches and are extremely painful one-sided headaches.

Bright light

Bright or flickering lights can cause headaches. This is because bright and flickering lights boost the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, which further causes headaches. The most common causes of headaches due to bright light is coming back from a walk in the bright sunlight.

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