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Why Running is More Fun Than Hitting The GYM

Let’s all watch TV with trivial news, dramatized music videos, and spectator sports while we wither within the confines of an air-conditioned room of machines to bulk us up or tone us down,

slowed down by the banter of a dozen others, and annoyed by the numerous inquisitors that infest that same space.

Alternatively, we could watch a dynamic landscape, allow persistent breeze to refresh us, hear trees rustle restlessly, and absorb an assortment of visual and aural delights that the unbounded openness that the environment gives us. Gasp in a lungful of unfiltered air as you feel sweat smudge your body, hearing your own heart pump in joyous ecstasy as eager gusts of wind sweep through your hair.

Why play the hamster in the wheel when you are the wheels? Here are the top reasons why:

1. The Charm Of The Outdoor

Plain and simple, running in the soul replenishing outdoors trumps the drone-like mentalities that crowd every gym. Making your way through throngs, brushing through a dirt trail, padding over soft grass, lithely moving over paths of gravel and asphalt, with no fixed end in sight, picture it.

2. The Wellness Quotient

Running is about not only weight management, endurance development, and fitness quotients. It adds an element of well being for the mind, releasing the kind of endorphins that would sway the most depressed people. Exhilarating perspiration within uninhibited environs provides the background for your active solace.

3. The Saving Grace

We speak of high maintenance people yet few raise a carved eyebrow when shelling out extravagant charges at so-called luxury gyms, health clubs, and such. The larger portion of fitness enthusiasts would concur. In addition to exploration and appreciation, running fills what no gym can offer. The undiluted escape from the monotony with the depth of a workout that covers all your major requirements is a fair deal and pocket-friendly. Running keeps your heart functioning smoothly, promotes glitch-free blood flow, and boosts lung capacity as well, in addition to burning the maximum calories.

4. The Euphoria

Moreover, one may have never heard of a gym high, anabolic steroid induced or not, or supplement inspired highs are non-existent. The euphoric, sometimes overwhelming feeling that engulfs a runner through a lengthy duration or unconventional conditions and surrounding is the peak of physicality in fitness activities.

If you’re worried about the outdoors, stay in, stay safe, stay tuned to your TV channels. If you‘d like to feel the aforementioned emotions overwhelm you while sculpting a natural, toned physique, then switch to running, not channels. Show’s over.

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