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Few Ways to loose the Calories

9 ways to loose calories

Burning calories need not be an intensive training ritual or sweating out in the gym every day. It is true that weight loss requires healthy eating practices and a disciplined routine that comprises of various physical activities. But who said that these activities are constricted to a boring gym only! We give you fun and easy ways to burn 200 calories, pick and choose what you love to do and then see the scale moving in the right direction.

1. Skip - Remember that skipping rope that is tucked away in your ward robe. Well, it’s time to bring it to use. Get into a pair of comfortable cushioned shoes, and start hopping! Skipping is a good cardio workout too.
 10-15 minutes = 200 calories burned

2.Hit Play - No! We are not asking you to sit on the couches all day playing a video game that will give you a dark circle. Instead opt for ones that have you on your feet. Call a friend over and indulge in an hour of thumb exercise along with jumping and sweating with guns and PS3 wands.
 50 minutes = 200 calories burned

3.Workout Buddy - Take your pet to a near by park or running track and walk briskly. Try running for a while; play with your pet as he needs to stretch too!
 25 minutes = 190 calories burned

4.Net Practice - What about a game of badminton? All of us have a pair of rackets kept above or under our cupboards.  Polish your skills with the racket while you get some good stretches, jumping, bending and muscle fun.
 25 minutes = 218 calories burned

5.Stair Training - Stop pressing the lift button every now and then; try to remove the thought of taking the stairs the lift but take the stairs.  Be it the shopping mall, your residential building, office or school.
 30 minutes = 216 calories burned

6.Activity Time - Done with dinner and watching TV, stop before you head to your room? Why not play a board game, do a fun activity, do some reading or indulge in gossip.
 60 minutes = 200 calories burned

7.Cycle - Take your bike out and go for a ride; an evening or morning trail will work wonders. A 10-12 mph pace is moderate for most people, but you'll burn more calories going uphill and/or faster.
 30 minutes = 210 calories

8.Boot Camp - Just create your own boot camp. Jump, squat, a few push ups, jumping jacks and a li’l bit of marching. Do each of the for 2-3 mins and then repeat.
 30 minutes = 200 calories burned

9.Dance - Let down your hair and groove to some desi numbers in your living room, rope in your kids and partner too. Throw your hands in the air, move, jump, swing and every possible thing you want to do. Just remember to keep away from the delicate furniture.
 40 minutes = 216 calories burned


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